Troian Bellisario is an actress known for playing Spencer Hastings on the ABC Family TV Show, Pretty Little Liars.


Marley :D


  • She was born on October 28, 1985
  • She is currently 28 years old
  • She stars as Spencer Hastings on the ABC Family show, Pretty Little Liars.
  • Her Middle name is Avery
  • Her parents are  Donald Bellisario and Deborah Pratt
  • She has four siblings named Michael, Nicholas, Julie, and David.
  • She is American
  • Her height is 5'7"
  • Troian's nicknames range from T-Rizzle to T-Bone, T-Bird, T-Rex, anything with T
  • When she has free time on the set, Troian likes to sleep, write, and work on other projects. 
  • Troian does not know who A is. She says that the writers are keeping their options as open as possible.


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