Hey hey guys look I was thinking maybe I should start I new page because I am 13 now so yea Right then let's get started

So I am 13 I live in the UK woo hoo I am happy I talked a break for a while cause I did ;)

My fav dinner is chips and chicken nuggets oh yeah


So umm I am a directioner my old account is Victorius dierection which I losed on so give a message to --Victorius as Cat (talk) 18:51, April 3, 2014 (UTC) Also I love warm chocolate fudge cake And plz don't cyperbully right you remember the old me the nasty girl but I think that I should change be a nice girl so yea! Omg my sister birthday is Tuesday 22nd thats my younger sister though called Amelia so message me to give her a happy birthday wish! i have been on the wiki since Augest the 1st 2013 its not that long but my old account has been on here since

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