Welcome to the William McKinley Glee Club! I am the teacher (like Will). In this glee club you will be assigned tasks for performances. For example: What song would you sing during R5/1D week?


To join the club, you must write a paragraph about the made up character you would be in glee. If you are accepted, you will be notified on your message wall.

Name Edit

You may notice that there is no sign of the name "New Directions" on this page. This is because it was announced Sue will close down the glee club at the end of season 5, before the start of glee permanently going in New York. Every time the club reopened it got a brand new name. First it was the Singsations, second was Rhythm Explosion, and then it was New Directions. So, there will be a contest for the new name. The prize is to automatically be a member.

Other Glee ClubsEdit

You guys may create new glee clubs, and I will add them to lists so we can battle depending on who I believe wins. The winning club will receive a virtual trophy.

Trophy CaseEdit

Audition Song ChallengeEdit

If you audition on the comments, put in the song you would sing at auditions. For example, Tina's audition song was I Kissed a Girl by Katy Perry.

Future ChallengesEdit

  • Original Songs
  • Hell-o
  • Boys vs. Girls
  • Valentines Day Love Songs
  • R5 Week
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