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dy flim. It is set to be released this summer. It is the third installment in the Wayne's World flim series. It is the sequel to the first Wayne's World that came out in 1992 and the second that came out in 1993. It will be directed by  Penelope Spheeris who also directed the first flim. The flim will once again star Mike Myers and Dana Carvey as the main characters. As well as the old characters, new characters such as Dammis will be played by guitar player and actor Jack Black. Celebrites such as singers Pitbull and Rihanna will star in the motion picture, entitled Wayne’s World 3: Waynepocalopse, starring Michael Myers and Dana Carvey as Wayne and Garth in the upcoming comedy Wayne’s World 3: Waynepocolypse.

Plot and production[]

Not much has been revealed yet but Carvey and Myers have said in interviews that fliming the movie was loads of fun and it sucked at the same time and Carvey said "I hate waynes world"almost as fun as fliming the first. "We felt young again!" said Carvey in an interview. Myers also felt the same way as he said, "Like what Dana said it was loads of fun fliming and yes I did feel young again! And I can't wait till we release this flim it will be three times awesomer and star famous celebrities such as Jack Black, Pitbull, and Rihanna it will be great! Wayne's World 3 will surely rock your world!" The production of Wayne's World 3 actually began in late 2012 when Myers finished writing a script for the sequel and managed to get the actors from the past installments such as Tia Carrere and James Hong.


Mike Myers as Wayne Campbell

Dana Carvey as Garth Algar

Tia Carrere as Cassandra Wong 

Jack Black as Dammis

James Hong as Jeff Wong

Pitbull as himself

Rihanna as herself

Jim Carrey as Simon Santos

Arnold Schwarzenegger as Big Badii