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Welcome to the Furchester is the opening song to Sesame Street's UK coproduction/ spinoff The Furchester Hotel .


Furchester Hotel- Welcome to The Furchester Song


All: La la la la la la la!

La la la la la la la!

Welcome to the Furchester Hotel!

Funella: Your room is ready for you.

Fergus: Just needs to get the bed.

Phoebe: The lamp, the desk, the rug, the sink!

Pillow: A pillow for your head.

Cookie Monster and Elmo: The hotel's run by monsters and staff beyond compare!

All: We've got the kind of service you won't find anywhere!

So, welcome to the Furchester!

Guests (but female voices): La la la la la la!

La la la la la la!


Fergus: Dine in style!

Funella: So genteel!

Cookie Monster: Cookie come with every meal!

Guests (but female voices): La la la la la la la la la la la!

Elmo: Here's your key!

Phoebe: So check right in!

Funella and Fergus: Let your furry stay begin!

All: Welcome to the Furchester Hotel.


  • The Croatian, Dutch, German, and Polish dubs of the theme song have the guests sing their la-las in male and female choir voices.
    • The Brazilian dub have female characters sing their la-las in the beginning (before everyone singing the verse "Welcome to the Furchester Hotel") and the chorus.
    • During the theme, Chinese, Indonesian, Korean, Thai and Vietnamese are left undubbed.