The Whatever We Want Awards (WWWA) is a ROSSOME award show created by Madi! This award show has come to a close.

Who Wants to Be Nominated?



Sam (I'mSammyAndIKnowIt)

Macy (ChaseTheMace)

Charlie (CharlieB14)

Sophie (Sophie The R5er)

Ben (Ben Is Bored)

Livvy (Olivia Garcia)

Corey (CoolCoreyCat13)

Jayla (Allypuppi88)

Mel (MusicMel:D)

Esther (Bombom6206)


Taylor (Taylor Valentine)

Veronica (veronicalovesauslly4life)

KLA (KidLovesAuslly)

Rose (BloodyRose11)

Tegan (Tegan xD)

Krizzy swizzy! (Xoxokrystal)

Maria { Maria-chocolate-directioner}

Violet/Ashley (Fiolet4eva)

Marley (Mrs.NiallHoran13)

Claire (HelloKittyR5)

Lily (Lilylila14)

Perry (PerryThePlatypusShipsAuslly) (PICTURE FREAK AWARD!)


This is the moment you've all been waiting for! Who has won the WWWA? Find out here! NOTE FOR ADMINS: Please lock this again.

Best Admin: Perry

Happiest Person: Claire

Most Artistic: Marley

Funniest Person: Veronica

Most Inspirational: Corey

Most Random: Tegan

Craziest Person: Veronica

Nicest Person: Claire

Bubbliest Personality: Claire

Best Evil Genius: Sophie

Coolest Person: Claire and Corey

Food Lover: Corey

Animal Lover: Veronica

Most Dedicated: Esther

Favorite Shipper: Olivia

Best Songwriter: Marley

Most Lazy: Sam

Best Matchmaker: Mel

Craziest Auslly Shipper: KLA

Favorite Ship: Chagan (Memmy is 2nd! Woo hoo!)

Most Stubborn: Veronica

Best Award Creator: Madi (I just HAD to put this, ok? XD)

Note From Creator


I just want to thanks everyone who participated. I can't believe this became popular. Nothing I've done ever has. I came on a few days after making it and the nominee list was really long. And then it made the Navigation. Then it made the homepage. So I just want to thank everyone who was a part of this. I never could've done it without you :)

Thank you all.

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