Older Users: You probably remember the Whatever We Want Awards! Why not make it annual? This was my
moment to shine last year, so let's bring it on back! WOO HOO!

This time, it's not just awards-It's an awards show! See below.

Who Wants to Be Nominated?


Shay (Shaynene16) 

Liz (Sweetcupcakes12)

Esther (Bombom6206)

Jessica (Dechel-Auslly-Flyna)

Hayley (HayleylovesAuslly)

Olivia!(: (AusllyShallLive)

Melody (AustinAllyR5&More!)


Corey (CoolCoreyCat13)

Tegan (Valerie Rose)

Caroline (Caroline:)Freak)

Jack (Jackyyboii!)

Vero (Broncos4ever)

Rose (BloodyRose11)

Forever (Foreverauslly2011)

Perry (PerryThePlatypusShipsAuslly)

Cat (Victorius as Cat)

Ship Nominations

Add your favorite wiki ships!

  • Jero (Jack and Vero)
  • Jaroline (Jack and Caro)
  • Jaroliley (Jack and Caro and Hayley)
  • Jayley (Jack and Hayley >:) )
  • Jegan (Jack and Tegan :) )
  • Jerry (Jack and Perry)
  • Shaynene16 (Shaynene16) XD


Happiest Person: Jack

Most Artistic: Perry

Funniest Person: Vero

Nicest Person: Esther

Most Inspirational: Melody

Most Random: Teggles

Craziest Person: Hayley

Bubbliest Personality: Claire

Best Evil Genius: Rose

Coolest Person: Jack

Animal Lover: Vero

Most Dedicated: Perry

Favorite Shipper: Hayley

Favorite Songwriter: Melody

Most Lazy: Shay

Best Matchmaker: Hayley

Craziest Auslly Shipper: Melody

Favorite Ship: Jero

Most Stubborn: Cat

Bestest Friends: Teggles and Hayley

Best Friend Triangle: Corey, Madi, and Melody the Food Lovers (NOTE: I didn't do this so I could win, I did this because Teggles and Hayley already one Bestest Friends and I wanted to give someone ele a chance. We were the runners up)

Music's Biggest Fan: Madi

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