So, this is just like the previous one I (Madi) made, but not for celebs or people on the wiki-people you actually KNOW! All you have to do it out the people you wanna know, like someone you think likes you, someone you would never date, your crush, ect., and then an area for people to say! THIS TIME, SIGN YOUR NAME, AND ON THIS ONE, YOU CAN PUT THE SAME PERSON TWICE. You do not have to put their real name or as if you did!


Here goes...I have my crush, a guy who likes me, and 2 guys I would never date below.

The PeopleEdit

Name: Tyler

Personality: Determined, smart, funny, sweet, kind

Status: Two-way crush

My Status: Crush

Extra: We would be dating if I was allowed to date

Name: Brian

Personality: Creative, nice, put-down, quiet, sometimes creepy

Status: Most likely one-way crush

My Status: Guy who likes me (Though I would never date him)

Extra: None

Name: Connor

Personality: Funny, honest, popular, smart, weird in a good way

Status: Friends

My Status: Guy I would never date

Extra: One of the most popular guys in my grade

Name: Casey

Personality: Funny, soccer-lover, popular, athletic, friendly

Status: Good friends

My Status: Guy I would never date

Extra: One of Connor's best friends

Who You Ship Me WithEdit

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