Hey this is Kent! So if any of you guys have been on Tumblr as much as I have lately, you would see all this
buzz off of something called Deztin week. In that week, people would have to do things with fanfiction, GIFS, music, etc for Deztin. It was a very big topic but NOW, AUSLLY WEEK!

What is Auslly Week?Edit

If I haven't explained it already, Auslly Week is a full week dedicated to the main pairing of Austin & Ally. During this week, you get to submit lots of fanart, GIFs, pictures, playlists, fanfics, etc about the specified category. After each day, I will write the best design/story/GIF of the date. And no copying others' work! I want it to be a fun thing, not something to do in 1 second. 

Would there be other celebrations?Edit

Well, I never meant to do anything else besides Auslly, but if u can add a little something related to Trez by the end of the week, it would be GREAT!


  1. Family
  2. Firsts
  3. College
  4. AU (Alternate Universe)
  5. Genderswap
  6. Music
  7. Angst/Fluff
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