I got bored and made a 'Would You Rather' page. :P So basically, you can add questions and say in the
comments on which you would rather do! :)

Would you rather...Edit

  • Be filthy rich but as a criminal, or be poor but knowing your concience is clean? (Can't think of anything better)
  • Socialise on this wiki or real life
  • Drink cow blood or kiss Justin Bieber
  • kiss a camel or kiss a dogs butt 8D
  • young and ugly or old and hot
  • kill yourself, or have 10000 people die in your place
  • have your brain transplanted into a human robot, or into an animal of your choice
  • know how you will die, or when you will die
  • have a magic wand or light saber
  • Have a heart from your best friend transplanted in you knowing they're dead or have your best friend live on as you die
  • Be Harry Potter or Percy Jackson
  • Have a best friend whose the duck who only wants grapes and sings about it every minute or the Annoying Orange?
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