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HEYOOOOOOOO!!!!!!! Wassup????? Hey im Krissy...and im 12 years old, my birthday os on 21st Marco usually on the Austin & Ally wiki!! Okay so let me tell you guys about my hobbies!!! If you wanna know... 1) Writing- I LOVE LOVE LOVE to write!!!! 2) DANCE!!!- BEST THING EVER!!! I would LOVE to be a dancer!!!! 3) Singing/rapping- More of a pass time! Though I do have a singing group at school!! 4) Reading- Well,DUH,since I love writing.... 5) Songwriting- You can really pour your thoughts onto paper!

Well,those are my fave things to eat!!!

 This is a list of words people use to describe my personality:
2) funny
3) outgoing
4) motivational
5) cute!!!!
6) MAD!!
7) nuts!!!
8) did I mention Crazy??
9) Fashionable


 Okay like the title says,here are my buddies!!!
1) Summer
2) Tegan
3) Veronica
4) Caroline!!!
5) Sophie!!
6) Maria !!!!!!!!! bestie!!!!!!!
7)EVERYONE! Youre my friend and,you are! and you! and you! :D

Well,thats it I guess,See ya guys!!!!!!!!

Xoxo krissy PITWO!

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