Here you can...put your theme songs lol


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MAIN: n/a

  • Real World-Matchbox Twenty
  • Me, Myself, and I-Cymphonique Miller feat. Romeo
  • If You're Gone-Matchbox Twenty (To everyone...I can't be alone)
  • Hard On You-Rob Thomas (Talking to myself...I'm hard on myself...I don't mean to be)
  • Breakout-Miley Cyrus
  • Drunk On Love-The Wanted
  • ...Something To Be-Rob Thomas
  • Long Day-Matchbox Twenty
  • You Know Me-Rob Thomas
  • Famous-Big Time Rush
  • Amazing-Big Time Rush (I don't complain about things like that...)
  • Cover Girl-Big Time Rush (It's like they wrote it about me)
  • Up All Night-One Direction
  • Little Things-One Direction (And did they write this for me?)
  • Unwell-Matchbox Twenty
  • All I Need-Matchbox Twenty
  • These Hard Times-Matchbox Twenty
  • If I Fall-Matchbox Twenty
  • How Far We've Come-Matchbox Twenty (MY world is falling down, and I wanna see where I was 5 years ago)
  • Parade-Matchbox Twenty
  • Put Your Hands Up-Matchbox Twenty
  • Streetcorner Symphony-Rob Thomas
  • Cradlesong-Rob Thomas
  • I Am An Illusion-Rob Thomas (Who am I, anyway?)
  • Overrun-Rob Thomas
  • Busted-Matchbox Twenty
  • Could I Be You-Matchbox Twenty (Mostly to my cousin...)
  • Dead-They Might Be Giants
  • Till My Head Falls Off-They Might Be Giants
  • Gold-Victoria Justice (It was...then he asked me out)
  • Cheer Me Up-Victoria Justice (Always)
  • All I Want Is Everything-Victoria Justice
  • Here's 2 Us-Victoria Justice
  • Can't Be Tamed-Miley Cyrus
  • Push-Matchbox Twenty (The emotional push-over being half of myself and the other half is the one slamming me down)
  • Angry-Matchbox Twenty
  • So Sad So Lonely-Matchbox Twenty
  • Unkind-Tabitha's Secret
  • Problem Girl-Rob Thomas (Again...To myself...)
Which should be my main theme song?

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Here is my theme song

  • Here's to Never Growing Up- I am FOREVER IMMATURE!!! :D
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